The Nick Teffinger thrillers are standalone books that are complete within their own four corners. You can read them in any order.



In his riskiest and most personal case yet, Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger crosses paths with an edgy little beauty who is either a killer or about to be killed, or both. Either way, she’s on the run, and now so is he.

The audiobook version of this title is being produced by the award-winning Roger Rittner Productions in LA and is being narrated by the incredibly talented TV and film actress Robin Riker (NCIS, Boston Legal, General Hospital, etc.), actor Daniel Chodos (Outbreak, etc.), and others. Sound effects, music and background accents are being added to create a soundtrack of stunning audible delight. This production clears the highest bars for excellence in audiobook creation and is something you will definitely want to experience.

Coming October 1, 2018 in hardcover (ISBN 978937888442)  ebook (ISBN 9781937888466) and audiobook. Coming mid-2019 in mass-market paperback (ISBN 9781937888978).

Distributed by Ingram.



In this frantic thriller from acclaimed author R.J. Jagger, an up-and-coming associate attorney discovers that she's on a murder list and frantically searches for answers, not only to save her life but also to find out whether she was tricked into participating in a murder herself.

Coming in 2018 in hardcover, paperback, ebook.

Distributed by Ingram.





In this masterpiece of riveting thrills from acclaimed author R.J. Jagger, Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger finds himself pulled deep into the heart of the Caribbean in a twisty relationship with a mysterious woman who claims she can see through the eyes of a killer. She knows who he’s killed. And she knows who he’ll kill next. 

Coming in 2019 in hardcover, paperback, ebook and audiobook.




In this pulse-pounding thriller from International Thriller Writer R.J. Jagger, Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger meets a beautiful young lawyer in a fender bender. Now they’re both on the run from the rogue corners of the CIA.  

Coming in 2019 in hardcover, paperback, ebook and audiobook.



SHORT CUTS is a collection of three short Nick Teffinger thrillers.

SOMEONE'S GOING TO DIE.  Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger finds himself in a frantic run when he receives confidential information that a killer he thought was dead is actually alive and has plans to take his next victim before midnight.

THE REPORTER.  Denver homicide detective Nick Teffinger finds himself in a desperate run to save a beautiful TV correspondent who is chasing a deadly story that may now be chasing her.

WHITE LIES.  Denver homicide detectve Nick Teffinger frantically hunts for a vicious killer only to find himself increasingly tangled in the hypnotic web of a beautiful private investigator who is working for a high-profile attorney.


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